It has been 773 days since we first started this. Now we are abandoning the project which has given us more than two years of fun, friendship, successful projects, failed projects, crazy-it’s-obvious-that’s-not-going-to-work-but-we-think-it-will projects, struggle, enjoyment, satisfaction, team work, happiness, success, dreaming big, failing, dreaming big again, Barcelona, ERTrisas, 60 cent white chocolate Filipinos, filming, Manilas, Casal, tochos, bancos, family, love-hate Mediterranean sea relationship, Sitgays, Mami selo, summer, Le Penon, Papi Jean, gay forests, Le Rayon Vert burguers, Ovella Negra, micasa/tucasa, zulo, The Lady Sounds, Monasterio, Indian Tonic, Fuckalot Dj’s, Wesphere, Fiestacasanathan, FiestacasaJ, Nerobambola, playlists, interrail, Berlin, London, rats, Premia plus so much more stuff we could go on forever.

We never imagined when we first started that it would become something so big (cliche). We did think when we began that we were going into something serious, like a clothing brand or whatever, but it would’ve never become as big as this. We might’ve earned a reasonable amount of money if it turned out well, maybe be featured in a couple of blogs or even proper magazines, but it would’ve never become something like what’s come out of this. Never as big for us. Because what counts is the experiences that we carry with us, and taking it seriously as we planned from a beginning wouldn’t have brought up this overweight bag of amazing memories which we are more than pleased to carry. It’s the non-seriousness of the project which has made it something unique for us. Speed Lemons was made to be something casual. It refused to be something serious. We tried hard a few times to take it seriously, but it never turned out well

“This is the first of our mixtapes which will be released every once a while” (09/02/2010)

“Sorry about the lack of updating these last days but we’ve been seriously busy assisting to incredible events such as THE PARTY (which you’ll see in some days) and working on new little things for the Speed Lemons society” (30/04/2010)

“Die groot pappa. Stay tuned for ep. 2!” (06/11/2010)

“From now on, we will be uploading a 30-song downloadable playlist every first day of month” (01/05/2011)

“We are currently working on our own Speed Lemons zines, so stay tuned” (23/02/2011)

Just five examples of how we tried but didn’t succeed. 

We are putting an end to to these more than two years of work because we feel we can’t get much more out of it as a blog. We will stop updating the blog but Speed Lemons as an idea and a family will remain behind the screen. We might come up with some new more-interesting-and-serious project sometime, but don’t take it too seriously because you know it might not succeed. 

Thank you to anybody who dedicated a second to this tiny but made with love corner of the internet and made this possible (cliche). Let’s end it how it started

Thursday, 15th March


Sunday, 15th January


Tuesday, 20th December

CHUPET NEGRE painting for LRG and ERT SURF SHOP. In loving memory of Jonas Bevacqua.

filmed and edited by Speed Lemons

Tuesday, 13th December

watch and cry

Monday, 12th December
Tuesday, 6th December
Tuesday, 6th December

November pt.1                             November pt.2

Sorry for the delay….enjoy, one song for each day of the month : )

Thursday, 1st December

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Monday, 28th November

congrats king kelly : )

here, present and future. Left is Owen Wright… 

Tuesday, 8th November